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About Her Movement

India needs a kickstart.

Her Movement is a social campaign that aims to help Indian women that are surrounded by rape culture in unsafe Urban India. It is a student initiated campaign driven into existence after the unshakable incident in 2012 - Nirbhaya. HerMovement does not promise to save women in distress and it is neither a call centre for help. It simply provides a platform for women to connect and be aware of the situations that might compromise their safety. It also helps them identify dangerous situations and gives them an opportunity to warn other women.

The aim of HerMovement

  • To help women step out alone without fear and vulnerability.
  • To help survivors of rape and molestation to report crimes against them without hesitation.
  • To help women understand their basic rights and thereby unlocking a dearth of valuable knowledge.

By covering the above objectives, HerMovement aims to equip urban Indian women with the necessary means to get their freedom of mobility within safe limitations. And giving hope to the nation that someday, Indian women can feel safe in their own country again.

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