Her Movement started in the fall of 2016 with a simple academic question: could the perceived inequality of gender in the field of higher education be quantified?

For six months, co-founders Misty Kempton and Elly Pimentel worked tirelessly to reach out female professionals working at universities across the United States. The only things sought were their experiences.

It didn’t take long for the responses to come pouring in. Out of the first 500 surveys sent out electronically and via USPS, a total of 100 made their way back. As the data was analyzed, and the stories of these amazing women came to life as something tangible, what started out as a simple question quickly evolved into a fascination. A passion. A movement - Her Movement.

Today, Her Movement exists to not only represent these women but to also recognize the other strong, determined and influential women in all professions who continue making this world a better place.

In reality, Her Movement represents more than feminism, and workplace equality. Her Movement should be everyone’s movement.

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