8 Points of Inspiration from 8 Incredible Women

In a powerfully written article originally published on LinkedIn earlier last week, Rahul Rangnekar recounts the messages delivered at The Hustle's all-female conference, "2X." 

These empowering, female leaders spoke to the heart of what each female professional needs to be concerned with in order to truly succeed in their chosen field. Because these powerhouses are familiar with the realities of climbing the professional ladder, their voices and experiences ring true to those seeking to do the same.

"Take your dreams and your lives desperately seriously," Rangnekar quotes from Maran Nelson, the founder of Clara Labs. "It's amazing to find something that matters to you so much that you'll face rejection over and over again, and still continue. You only need one "yes" for your life to change for the better. Then, you're golden."

"Your community is your support system," he also quotes from Lu Zhang a founding partner of NewGen Capital. "The people in it want you to succeed. The bigger and stronger it is, the higher your chances are to achieve your goals."

At Her Movement, we believe that transforming the way we build our professional networks is one way to allow more women to enter what are currently considered male-dominated fields. These words from Lu Zhang, and the other speakers at the event, are exactly what we need in order to continue creating an equal footing in the workplace.

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