Welcome to Her Movement

Her Movement is a non-profit organization that serves as a voice for the female empowerment movement. Founded in 2016,
Her Movement is lending a voice to both the issues and triumphs that modern feminism is about.


What we do

At Her Movement, we do everything in our power to honor our name. We stand for the empowerment and equality of women.


Our Research

Her Movement was born on the back of one academic question: if there are so many men dominating the professional field, is it because women are at a true disadvantage, or because they simply choose paths that aren't on the "CEO" track. We focused our study on female professionals in the world of higher education, and have been working from there.


Our platform for women's issues

While we can't get too far into the findings of our research, it became evident that women's issues aren't alternative facts. We decided that we had to take a stand for these women, to give them a voice, and share as many of the cold, hard truths about gender inequality as we could lay our hands on. Her Movement is still developing and we need every voice to speak up and make this social change happen.